5 Dating Tips for Single Bikers

biker dating tips
Learn some dating tips customized for biker singles.

These onlin below are the most basic and essential ones that can make online dating for single biker men and women better and safer. It may be easy to get a date online, but a successful dating for bikers through website requires more.

1. Choose a reputable biker dating site
This is the start of biker’s dating online. A good dating site for bikers must put member privacy at the top if the important features. A double-blind system should be better. Biker guys and biker girls need to see if the site offers advanced search option, instant messaging, email and easy navigation. Before joining an online dating site, bikers could look for some objective review sites that offer reviews of kinds of dating sites.

2. Keep personal information to yourself
Single bikers do not expose much detailed personal information in your profile or to your potential date, such as where you work, your home address, home phone number and real name. Other information should biker man need to be carefully dealt with, including your motorcycle license plate number, friends name, families name or co-workers names. In this modern age, it is much easier to locate one with tiny clues.

3. Use a new cell phone number
Biker men and biker women should never give out the phone number and home number on a dating site. If there is really a need to talk with your biker date on the phone, try to purchase a new number. This way can protect you from the disturbance of someone that you are already not interested in. Talking on the phone is something better than talking on the site, which will show bikers the real side of a person.

4. Listen to your gut
If you feel you are not in a good situation with this biker you are dating, then find a quick way out. Your gut will always be right about your true feelings. If bikers are about to meet their date face to face, think out a pre-mediated plan before going. Once you feel very uncomfortable about this biker guy, at least you won’t get nervous or panic. Don’t afraid to end the face to face date early.

5. Always meet in a public place
You have been dating this biker man for a while online, which cannot be the evidence that you have already known this biker totally. So, when arranging your meeting place, make sure you are meeting in a public place, such as a restaurant, a cafe and so on. It is better to have friends at that public place in case you will leave early. If your biker date try to suggest going to a private place, say no and get out of there immediately.


5 Dating Tips for Single Mom Who Ride

Single mom who ride a motorcycle and looking for biker lover.
Single mom who ride a motorcycle and looking for biker lover.

Women are a fast-increasing segment of motorcycle riders and owners. And it is rational that many female motorcycle riders are moms or grandmothers. Because women are bounded by the family after their marriages. Only after their children have grown up, can women be free and have the time and energy to make their dream come true. Thus, many moms will choose to ride motorcycles, which will bring them a strong feeling of freedom and relaxed. The motorcycle manufacturers have noticed that and launched many motorcycles that are easier to ride with lower seats and attractive design.

If you happen to be a single mom who rides a motorcycle, then you are lucky today. Here are some tips for female Harley riders who lost their husbands in the past to let go of the past and have a dating with new guys.

1. It is better for single moms who love riding to date a man who shares similar interest and tastes. Biker men are the better choices. Single moms have been through a marriage, they should know the importance to have a guy who can communicate freely by side. It will be easy if biker moms try to find their date on the biker dating sites where have thousands of biker men and men who desire a biker woman. The rest of single moms’ lives should be happy and enjoyable with a man who can understand them.

2. Single moms who ride a motorcycle should take any new relationship slowly. You are not alone. You have your baby kids to take care of. The one you choose to date is the one who you are bringing to your children, not just yourself. It takes time to know a stranger deeply. So, biker women who are single moms have to take it slow.

3. Dating a new biker man or a man who loves biker girl should be something exciting and beautiful for a single mom. Those biker women are single and are moms to children. It is important to do things for yourself. Spend time together to ride motorcycles with date or attend a motorcycle event, and also spend time with your children.

4. Always be honest with the one you are dating. Biker women in their 30s, 40s or even 50s probably all have kids. It is not a big deal. Don’t think too much about whether they should tell their biker dates that they have children. Female bikers who are single moms need to be honest with their date at the very beginning. This is a fact that they cannot change. A biker man who can take care of your children is the best choice for a single biker mom.

5. Don’t give up easily. If biker women who are single moms don’t meet the right man on the first try, don’t just give up finding. A serious relationship needs right time and a right man. Biker women with children need to have more tries and find the perfect biker for both them and their kids.

Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle is the Best Thing in My Life

motorcycle babe learns to ride
Motorcycle girl, Carolyn’s story of her riding expericence.

I have been riding motorcycles for almost a year. To be honest, I barely knew nothing about motorcycle riding and I didn’t interest in riding at all before I started learning to ride. One day, my biker boyfriend bought his chopper and that was when I felt the fun. Motorcycle riding has become one of the favorite thing I love to do and I just wish I would have known how to ride a long time ago.

But at the beginning, I just sat on the back of the motorcycle when my boyfriend was riding. It was also great. But what inspired me to ride was when I saw a bunch of riding babes riding on the open road, which was awesome to me. Then I made up my mind to ride on my own. I took a riding course for beginners and spent two months learning how to riding the bike of my boyfriend. Before getting on the motorcycle, I always thought too much and made myself nervous. But what surprised me is that I just overcame those stuff as soon as I started riding. Learning to ride has taken me to meet lots of talented and cool bikers out there who had a strong love for motorcycle rides.

The riding course and the experience tell me that practice and safety are the essential key to ride motorcycles on the streets. Because you will never know when you will go down and have accident, which will hurt others or yourself.

My first long ride was riding with a biker babes group. I only rode for two months and I knew these women Harley riders have been riding for years, which made me scared and nervous. But when we started riding, I rode without any thought and I was miraculously tagging along. When evening fell, we settled in and started communicating with each other. Those biker babes were all coolest biker chicks and I was looking forward to riding with them again. It always makes me feel happy that I can make friends with so many women riders of different backgrounds and ages. It is the one interest in motorcycle riding that brings us together.

The next day of my first ride, I was not fearful. Although I want to surprise other female bikers, I thought it was better to ride safely. It was a precious memory and experience for me, which actually changed my idea for women riders.

Riding motorcycle is the best decision I have ever made. It not only brings me lots of friendships with cool male and female bikers, but also shows me a different free world. Since my boyfriend got another motorcycle, we could ride side by side to discover the beautiful world. Just remember that motorcycle riding is all about fun. And keep it in mind that you should ride safely as well.